BXQ Bodega

Inside the Wildcat Metro

Located inside The Wildcat Metro,  BXQ Bodega is quickly becoming the cities go to burger spot with more than reasonable prices with the freshest and TOP quality local ingredients. Our menu features a grass fed, free range organic burger processed by a local butcher and our veggie burger is a mesquite smoked portobello mushroom and scratch made hummus. All sandwhiches come on a local made toasted brioche bun.


The Menu

Live Fast Smoke Slow


Catfish Sandwich

Swai with Swag $7

Deep fried Swai lightly bread with our signature dredge. Topped with our house made slaw, in between local sourced brioche bun.

Smothered Fries

Fries bathed in Brisket or Pulled Pork $7

Slow smoked with local mesquite. Quality brisket or pork on a bed of fries smothered with american cheese, house made BBQ sauce and crispy fried onions.

Thee Burger

A burger like no other  $7

Organic grass fed beef with american cheese, crispy fried onion strips, inside a locally made brioche bun.

The Possible Burger

Smoked Mushroom Burger $7

Mequite smoked portabella mushroom, house made slaw, crispy onion strips, on locally made brioche bun.



Product Subtitle

Handmade mayo free Slaw $2
Scratch made fried mac n cheese $4
Fries $2 add Brisket or Pulled pork $4
Sweet potato pie $4


Michael Eure Jr

501 N Park Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85719


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